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Tuesday, July 19th 2016

2:06 PM


Laid off; sorta coordinated that with retiring; spending a month in Ireland; now its HOT.

So, less riding than I want. Did get a new tire on the back. It's a sticky AVON I got at a very good price and Uncle Phil helped me get it installed. I have a replacement for the front. Probably do that in a few weeks.

Did get out this morning with my "water jacket" and had a really pleasant ride. Even checked out a new road. Two hours is about all the "water jacket" will do without reloading.

The AirHawk2 cushion helps immensely. The last time I was out a bit less than today I actually was bruised on the behind.

GPS from Uncle Phil's bucket full of GPSs works fine. As usual, daylight makes it hard to read, but the way I use it that's OK.

Weather ever hotter tomorrow, so extensive riding may not be in the cards right now. Still have to organize packing for camping.

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