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Tuesday, October 18th 2016

9:34 AM

BRG 2016

The Blue Ridge Gathering is an annual riding get together set up by ST-Owners Group and, principally, Uncle Phil. This year, being retired (among other things) I was able to do the whole thing.

The 3 principal objectives:

1) Ride great roads

2) Eat great food

3) Talk about it.

All three were done in large proportions.

The weather was about as perfect as it gets: Mild but not cold temps, no rain and mostly clear roads. Camping in those conditions was pretty sweet.

Three unusual challenges: 1) cows in the road 2) skate boarders in the road 3) an extremely slow apple truck.

The regular challenges of gravel and sand in corners as well as extremely slow traffic in spots were there as expected.

My challenges were 1) Packing camp gear on the Scrambler 2) Remembering (as it had been three years) how to set up the tent. 3) Doing all this withe the carbon fiber leg.

It all worked great. There were riders from Florida, Texas, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Indiana and Canada. And probably others. Around 40 total.

Best of all - no drops. Everybody controlled their speed urges and stayed rubber down.

Next year is already planned. Note the miles in the pics.


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