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Saturday, April 7th 2018

10:56 AM

Cold Lazy Day

Snow flakes and freezing temperatures.

Lost my small Whirlpool duffel. Rain gear, heated gloves, tools, tire repair stuff. Bungeed on the same way I've been doing it for 30 years. I don't know how it got away. Sort of had an idea where it was and searched thoroughly. No dice. Long gone it seems.

So, got replacement stuff on the way. Already have oil/filter for upcoming change, front brake pads for change before long, K&N air-filter as soon as I can do it. Maybe do that Monday as it will still be cold and wet. Did a nice ride with Strebe while losing the duffel. Looked at his new house in Chapel Hill (that's when I saw the dangling, broken bungee where the bag should have been). Then on to Lynnville to eat an excellent burger. After that Yell and Springplace roads and Delina. Good day of riding losses not withstanding.

This afternoon decided to install the air filter. Well, it is a Ducati...got 'er done though. Won't have to deal with tat again for quite a while.


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