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Thursday, January 16th 2020

11:39 AM

2019 was a great riding year.

Some of the videos are not 2019...



The Scrambler has been pretty flawless though maintenance is a bit expensive. Still, I love the thing.

2020 here we come.


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Saturday, June 1st 2019

7:39 PM

Great Seat Means A Great Ride

Two years ago I couldn't finish a long ride because the Scrambler seat defeated me. Since spending the money for the Russell sport seat this doesn't happen. Recently did a 3000 mi trip (visiting Civil War Sites) and suffered not at all from the seat.

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Wednesday, November 7th 2018

6:25 AM

2018 Has been a good riding year

BRG, a cold but good one, finished up a couple of weeks ago. Lots of good general riding. Two or three rides with G Stebe. The Scrambler has been great. Had a nice ride yesterday chasing down some local unknown roads.

Replaced my lost heated gloves and eTrex10. Pretty much back to normal. I've found that I can store and display gpx files on googlemaps. Pretty sweet. Its easy to forget exactly where you've been. The gpx refreshes your mind.


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Saturday, April 7th 2018

10:56 AM

Cold Lazy Day

Snow flakes and freezing temperatures.

Lost my small Whirlpool duffel. Rain gear, heated gloves, tools, tire repair stuff. Bungeed on the same way I've been doing it for 30 years. I don't know how it got away. Sort of had an idea where it was and searched thoroughly. No dice. Long gone it seems.

So, got replacement stuff on the way. Already have oil/filter for upcoming change, front brake pads for change before long, K&N air-filter as soon as I can do it. Maybe do that Monday as it will still be cold and wet. Did a nice ride with Strebe while losing the duffel. Looked at his new house in Chapel Hill (that's when I saw the dangling, broken bungee where the bag should have been). Then on to Lynnville to eat an excellent burger. After that Yell and Springplace roads and Delina. Good day of riding losses not withstanding.

This afternoon decided to install the air filter. Well, it is a Ducati...got 'er done though. Won't have to deal with tat again for quite a while.


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Wednesday, March 28th 2018

5:09 PM

Russell Sport Seat

The stock seat: one hour and the you're dying. UP swears by Russells. I can't handle the 2" increase in height, so the sport version. A lot of money, but the difference is amazing.


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Friday, December 8th 2017

9:46 AM

Summing Up 2017

Actually a good year of riding. I didn't go all the distances I wanted to go, but I did go a bunch of them. And, for the most part, its the riding that counts more than the arrivals.

A few surprises, such as breaking a belt in the rear Avon and wearing the knot in the casing down to the fabric. An unpleasant  surprise that didn't dump me. So all good. The other surprises related to how great it is to be able to ride and enjoy.

Rode with UP to two STOWNERS events: ArkanStoc and BRG. A lot of great riding and fun. Rode some new roads at ArkanStoc and experience the failing tire. Got good local service/tire replacement. Kinda pricey, but such is life.

BRG was a lot of fun, as usual, and I broke with the crowd to ride the Heintooga Round Bottom Road and visit Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum.

Knock on wood: the Scrambler has been flawless. Now has 18500 mi on it. Trying to decide when to pull the trigger on the DayLong sport seat. Its cold now; maybe its time now.



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Wednesday, June 21st 2017

8:58 AM

Highway 50 and Uncle Phil

The ride itself was Nashville to Ocean City MD, then Hwy 50 to Sacramento CA and back to Nashville. I went with the understanding "I don't know how many 500 mi days I can string together". As it turns out I managed a total of 1893 mi in 5 days (A strict schedule as working people have to get back to work).

My prep:
Spark plugs: easy and cheap. I thought about Iridiums, but the standard plug works fine and I got the new ones at a local auto part store.

Oil: The first time I've changed my own. Got some of the recommended Shell oil and K&N filter. Not too bad; cleaned the screen also which means getting the exhaust disconnected. My Scrambler has never lost, burnt, or dripped a drop of oil. I've owned a lot of air cooled bikes, and cannot say the same for the others.

Chain: at 12000 mi the original chain had several miles left in it, but I've made a mistake of expecting too much of a chain on a long trip. Installed an EK and a new drive sprocket. Ran perfect and smooth.

I bought an aux 1.75 ga tank and carried extra gas but didn't make it to where lack of services was expected. I didn't weigh the gear, but it wasn't light.

The ride:
It rained 3 days out of 5. Real gushing, standing in the road, cars pulled over rain in Virginia. The Scrambler wasn't phased at all. We only stopped to put on rain gear and then motored through weather as it was. The AV55/AV56 Avon tires never twitched over wet tar snakes and wet washboard pavement in West Virginia and were predictable and competent in all cases. The Scrambler consistently gave 55mpg whether going 5+ on I-40 and I-81 or winding through Maryland and West Virginia back country at a brisk pace.

The ride was great fun, but I knew at the end of a long 500 mi day that I needed rest. The next planned day was 550 mi. The Scrambler would easily do it, but the old man couldn't so I said farewells and headed to the house.



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Friday, April 14th 2017

7:10 AM

New Toy

Just for fun

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Friday, March 10th 2017

8:31 AM

70° Today -- Snow tomorrow

The time to ride is now. The weather was beautiful and googlemapping I found a good looking road I hadn't ridden before (hwy 135). Also got to visit my "favorite name" towns of Defeated, Difficult, and Nameless. Over 200 mi I guess. Didn't set the odo. A great day of riding.


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Monday, February 20th 2017

4:25 PM

This n That

Every time I thought about putting on the new rear tire, the weather would be nice and I'd ride some instead.

UP and I were out for a ride and the thing scared both of us.

Uncle Phil

So, UP was busy with sickness, surgery and such stuff, so I took the wheel to Sloan's. They are fast and high quality....and you pay for it.

Anyway, the tire is on an everything is working great. There is a recall for the Scrambler to fix/change the side stand bolt, so I'm going to get over to Bloodworth's tomorrow or the day after (depending on predicted rain).

Once that's done...think I'll do a little riding.

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